Team Fortress 2 Cosmetics/Mods

I began my female TF2 mod project in 2008 while still at SMU. It was my first experience with character art, but through this project I was able to learn a ton about making art for Source. While my models are pretty rough and old (I'd love to redo them someday!), they work fully in game with cosmetics, HUD/UI, voice replacement, and have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times! I've recently started sculpting new characters in my spare time for fun and will update as I have progress on them. Original base character models by Valve.

Rough block-in for my updated Medic
Rough block-in for the Soldier
Soldier Concept
Rough block-in for my updated Spy
Female Engineer with some cosmetic items
Female Spy concept
Female Spy in-game shot
Female Heavy in-game shot
Female Medic concept
Female Medic in-game
Female Sniper concept

A Sniper set I made with Wes Parker.  Zaroff's Pride (weapon) by me and Serengeti Shade (hat) and 2Shorts (legs) by Wes.  Concepts by me.
My winning entry in the 2010 Polycount TF2 contest.
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